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Step On Step (2lp, Ltd. Gold Vinyl)
International Anthem
This brilliant collection from Int'l Anthem focuses on Chicago composer/producer CHARLES STEPNEY, unearthing four-track basement demos of largely original - and otherwise unrecorded - material. STEPNEY's historical mark was as a creative collaborator, drawing up the baroque arrangements for artists like MINNIE RIPERTON, TERRY CALLIER, EW&F and MARLENA SHAW, and while these recordings retain that expansive vision, the prominent feeling here is intimacy, landing somewhere in a zone between SLY STONE circa-"Riot", the soundtrack work of CURTIS MAYFIELD and MULATU's Ethiopiques. But make no mistake; STEPNEY was a visionary of his own. Intercut with interviews from STEPNEY's family, this is an incisive look at unreknown creativity. One of the best finds of the year, this comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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Cheat Codes (red Vinyl)
Following in the storied lineage of great MC/Producer team-ups like 'Madvillainy' & 'Twelve Reasons To Die,' 'Cheat Codes' is a fantastic joint effort from DANGER MOUSE & THE ROOTS' BLACK THOUGHT. After a few years in the proverbial Late Night TV slash MOR wilderness, both artists up their already elevated game even higher here. The guest list is stacked - RAEKWON, A$AP ROCKY, RUN THE JEWELS, Chicago's KID SISTER and more, plus an incredible MF DOOM verse from beyond the grave - but the coolest moments involve just hearing Thought go HARD in the pocket of some of Danger Mouse's best material since 'Demon Days.' This is a tightly focused, wildly entertaining collab between two master craftsmen. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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New LP $28.99
Wave Your Moonlight Hat For The... Snowfall Train (imp)
Seance Centre
YOU'LL NEVER GET TO HEAVEN is a London, Ontario based couple & this is the 4th album. Delicate & somewhat lo-fi art pop with fragile, Julee Cruise esque vocals. There isn't any percussion really but the music is still quite rhythmic with accented, fretless bass, repetitive bells, vibe & piano sounds & subtle background distortion. This reminds us of some favorite things like Eno, YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS, Gareth Williams & Mary Currie, Japanese furniture music, the Ghost Box label etc... RECOMMENDED.
Available at: Milwaukee Ave and Loop
New LP $21.99
Dessau ("barely Green" Vinyl" Ltd. Ed.)
Numero Group
Way back in 1992, the slowcore legends CODEINE went into the studio to record their 2nd album. For a number of reasons the sessions were abandoned & the drummer Chris Brokaw quit the band. The group would eventually get a new drummer & re-record the songs that were released as their final album, the fantastic "The White Birch." These versions made at Harold Dessau Recording have been remastered & released for this first time via Numero Group. They're pretty similar to the album versions but it's definitely cool to hear the takes with the original line-up. RECOMMENDED!!
Available at: Belmont and Milwaukee Ave
New LP $24.99
In My Own Time (2lp, 180grm 45rpm W/7"s) 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Light In The Attic
Karen Dalton's second album didn't get the attention that it deserved when it was released in 1971 but over time it has come to be considered as a classic. You'd think her connections to others in the scene like Bob Dylan, Tim Hardin & Fred Neil would have cleared a path for Dalton's success but a variety of obstacles including music biz politics & Dalton's drug/alcohol abuse stalled any momentum she might have had. The album was reissued in 2010 & artists like Nick Cave & Joanna Newsom cited Dalton as an influence & that & other excellent reissues helped her legend grow. In 2021 a documentary was released & now this beautiful deluxe 50th anniversary edition is here with remastered audio, two bonus 7"s, extra tracks, booklet & beautiful foil-stamped art. RECOMMENDED.
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New LP $64.99
Heavy Rocks (white Vinyl, Ltd 1000)
The 3rd entry in BORIS' 'Heavy Rocks' series puts a big leopard-print bow on their nearly three decades long (!!!) discography. Front-loaded with heavy thrash and proto-metal jams, it quickly bobs & weaves song-to-song and sometimes even verse-to-verse from many of the genres theses iconoclasts have taken a swing at across nearly 50 albums: doom, shoegaze, garage, industrial...with a big tip of the hat to their past collaborators MERZBOW & SUNN O))) in the abstract noise passages that ominously rear their heads throughout. Another essential release from one of our favorite bands. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Available at: Loop
New LP $25.99
Arkhon (indie Ed. Eco-mix Vinyl)
Sacred Bones
Nika Roza Danilova aka ZOLA JESUS has been pretty public about her disappointment in the music industry over the past few years. So many artists were already struggling because of unfair streaming payouts & then the pandemic hit, cutting out any possibility of earning a living from performing. Danilova routinely vents about these issues online but always comes back around to music being a sort of savior for her. "Arkhon" is Danilova letting go & letting her art flow freely & the result is a surprisingly positive & even somewhat accessible album. Sure there are goth elements but there are also ballads & bombastic choruses. An impressive album.
Available at: Belmont and Milwaukee Ave
New LP $19.99
Heart Tax
After a few years off, Jenny Lee Lindberg has made a serious comeback with a new WARPAINT album & her 2nd solo album released almost simultaneously. We were really big fans of her first solo album & this one is also fantastic. The album opens with the amazing track Stop Speaking that features guest vocals from Dave Gahan of DEPECHE MODE (what??!!) that sounds like a half-speed TELEVISION track. Minimal almost dubby songs that dip into goth territory at times. REALLY GREAT STUFF!!
Available at: Belmont and Milwaukee Ave
New LP $22.99
Big Time (2lp, Ltd. Pink Vinyl)
Angel Olsen continues to reinvent herself on her 2022 album "Big Time." There's always been a country twang lurking in the background of Angel's music but she seems to have fully embraced it this time around. Her vocal approach is slightly different, maybe a little softer with some nice Linda Ronstadt esque harmonies & reminders of another great former Chicago based singer Neko Case. The music has a nice airy quality with pedal steel & synthesized strings providing a nice bed for the Laurel Canyon style countrified tunes. Reckless alum Emily Elhaj holds down that bass duties with confidence as always. RECOMMENDED.
Available at: Milwaukee Ave and Loop
New LP $26.99
I'm The Sky (2lp, W/ Book) Studio & Demo Recordings, 1964-1971
What a great collection here from the California folk singer NORMA TANEGA, most known for her 1966 album "Walking My Cat Named Dog" and the cut "You're Dead". This partially covers her time from the Village coffee house scene to the release of that first album, while it also focuses on her time in London and making both an unreleased second album "Snow Cycles" and a cult favorite third, "I Don't Think It Will Hurt If You Smile". The material here ranges from simple, unadorned folk pop tunes to rich Americana rock. Fans of KAREN DALTON, JUDEE SILL, BILL FAY and LAURA NYRO will find a lot to love on here! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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New LP $32.99