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"Exit Simulation" is the impressive debut album by the South Carolina based artist Janise Robinson aka NIECY BLUES. Imagine chopped & screwed trip-hop mixed with bedroom R&B tastefully drenched in beautiful reverb. Bass & sub frequencies are utilitzed expertly along with field recordings all highlighted by some truly wonderful lead vocals. If you ever dreamed of Erykah Badu or Solange style vocals over GROUPER or slowed-down trip hop then this record is going to be a dream for you. RECOMMENDED.
Available at: Belmont and Loop
New LP $18.99
Wharf Cat
Tiktok & streaming has been very kind to a few shoegaze vets like SLOWDIVE & DUSTER & supposedly even early 90s band DROP NINETEENS saw a big enough bump in plays to consider getting the band back together & we're really glad that they did. This record surprised us right out of the gate with tight arrangements, memorable songs & an overall confidence that you wouldn't expect after a 30 year break. You can hear hints of their past but like the SLOWDIVE reunion records, this band is making new music, not just rehashing their old sound. Fans of early 90s shoegaze, Flying Nun bands like THE CHILLS & THE BATS, INTERPOL, UNREST etc... should check this out. RECOMMENDED.
Available at: Milwaukee Ave
New LP $20.99
Third Man
Brooklyn songwriter Will Anderson makes the jump from lo-fi DIY recordings to big money Third Man Records for his 2nd LP under the HOTLINE TNT banner. 'Cartwheel' splits the difference between Capital H Heavy shoegaze & bright power pop with a hardcore sensibility, guaranteed to give you the same endorphin rush you might get from classic MBV and PUMPKINS but also Will's peers like DAZY and WEDNESDAY. These songs have some of the best riffs & catchiest hooks we've heard all year. If we make it through the winter, this one's gonna sound real good with the windows down on that first day of Spring. PLAY IT LOUD. HIGHLY REC'D!
Available at: All Stores
New LP $21.99
Joyful Noise
Guitar wizard MARNIE STERN winds back the clock on her 1st solo album since 2013 (!). She brings the thunder right out of the gate, assuaging any doubters who would think she lost a step in that time away. If anything, time has only reaffirmed & strengthened her idiosyncrasies. Marnie's trademarks - math riffage, insane fingertapping, and perfectly deployed power chords - are all in play, plus curveballs like a surf-rock Morricone cover and some of the most straightforward pop songs she's ever made. This is as joyous, weird, and life-affirming as indie rock gets. RECOMMENDED!
Available at: Loop
New LP $21.99
City Slang
We're really excited to be carrying this record from local luminary SEN MORIMOTO, who jumps across genre on "Diagnosis". You'll hear touches of fusion jazz, funk, emo, R&B and theatrical art rock, tied together with his clear and nimble voice. RECOMMENDED
Available at: All Stores
New LP $24.99
Following hot off the heels of their excellent "Tracey Denim" LP from earlier this year, BAR ITALIA keeps busy with "The Twits", expanding from moody, lo-fi shoegaze and alt-rock into tape-affected psychedelia. Hard to say if the title is at all inspired by Roald Dahl - the band can be a bit cheeky with references, or otherwise just detached - or if it's a dyslexic form of "twist" but either way it's a great followup. RECOMMENDED!
Available at: All Stores
New LP $22.99
A.S.O. (IMP)
Low Lying
A.S.O. is a duo featuring two Australian ex-pats living in Berlin. Lewie Day is well known in the dance community as Tornado Wallace & he's released stuff on numerous labels over the years. When she's not singing in bands, Alia Seror-O'Neill does some acting on the side. The two artists compliment each other perfectly with Day's efficient trip-hop style beats & production & PORTISHEAD/BROADCAST sounding vocals from Seror-O'Neill. Fans of 90s/ early 00s trip hop & shoegaze need to check this out. RECOMMENDED!!
Available at: Belmont and Milwaukee Ave
New LP $25.99
JAMILA WOODS follows up her brilliant, defiant, and explicitly political 2019 album 'LEGACY! LEGACY!' with this more personal & reflective work in the wake of the collective turmoil we've experienced over the past few years. 'Water Made Us' is a journey through love, heartbreak, and relationships formed & lost not just with others but with the self. Jamila's sense of exploration in her lyricism extends to the music as well, ceding space in her neo-soul tapestry for folk songs, more spoken word interludes, and some buzzy electro pop tracks. Guests include SABA and GIA MARGARET. You know what it is, Chicago. RECOMMENDED!
Available at: All Stores
New LP $22.99
2023 album from this long-running Chicago project which has expanded over time from Brett Sova guitar- and-drum-machine solo recordings to now a full-on power trio lineup with bassist Jeremy Freeze & drummer Josh Johannpeter. Produced way out west with TY SEGALL (whose sun-dried fingerprints are all over this), Blinded by Oblivion is a ripping set of glammy psych-pop that slams its foot on the gas and never lets up. We hear touches of DEVO, GARY NUMAN, BLONDIE and Berlin BOWIE/IGGY, and in its most anthemic & catchy moments these guys even approach the dizzying classic rock heights of RUSH and 'Eliminator' -era ZZ TOP. The chrome sheen is juxtaposed by bright vocal harmonies & provocative lyrics that give the set a big bright neon heart at its center. Absolutely fantastic stuff. RECOMMENDED!
Available at: Milwaukee Ave and Loop
New LP $21.99
Drag City
BCMC is an improvisational project from Chicagoans COOPER CRAIN (Bitchin Bajas, Cave) and BILL MacKAY (Ryler Walker, Black Duck). Bill lays down multi- tracked licks, riffs & solos over Cooper's exploratory organ & synth tones, resulting in a beguiling mix that often leans towards ambient/drone but also incorporates Tuareg desert blues, raga, post-rock & kosmiche. As is to be expected from anything these two have their hands in, this LP is first rate. We're very much looking forward to more collabs between them in the future. RECOMMENDED!
Available at: Belmont and Loop
New LP $21.99