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It's like you can feel it in the air, Chicago - there's a brand new WILCO record upon us, and it's a good one. After a few albums of acoustic sketches, solo projects and sonic detours into full-on country music, Tweedy & Co. lock into a solid art pop groove on 'Cousin,' festooned with synths, drum machines (that only compliment Glenn Kotche's brilliance behind the kit) and jagged bursts of noise that harken back to the band's underrated 'The Whole Love' era. There's almost a krautrock feel here, even on the more subdued tracks, with Tweedy & producer CATE LE BON making masterful use of repetition to build & release tension in a way that ensures these songs will slot in to the band's legendary live sets like a charm. Do we even have to say it? This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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New LP $23.99
Black Rainbows (2lp)
Black Rainbow
CORINNE BAILEY RAE has assembled an accomplished & varied discography in the almost two decades since dropping her breakthrough single "Put Your Records On," and her newest project 'Black Rainbows' continues that trend in a big way as her most ambitious to date. It runs the gamut musically from R&B to grunge to jazz to trap to riot grrrl punk to opera and back again, with evocative lyrics inspired by Rae's artistic partnership with Theaster Gates and the work of Black artists archived at the Stony Island Arts Bank on Chicago's South Side. A powerful statement that will absolutely floor you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Available at: Belmont and Milwaukee Ave
New LP $28.99
We Buy Diabetic Test Strips (2lp, Grape Color Vinyl, Ltd. Ed.)
Fat Possum
Backwoodz affiliates BILLY WOODS and ELUCID link up again under the ARMAND HAMMER banner for their Fat Possum debut. Even though they now have more money & distribution behind this project, their brand of hip-hop is as dense & uncompromising as it's ever been, if not more so. The beats often have an abstract, industrial quality that evokes JPEGMAFIA and classic Def Jux productions by EL-P (who each produce here, along with past AH collaborators like KENNY SEGAL and BLACK NOI$E) plus wild influences like THROBBING GRISTLE and SUICIDE. And as ever, Billy & Elucid relentlessly spit gripping bars that are harrowing at times, grimly funny at others, and often almost inspiring if only for their sheer righteous fury. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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New LP $54.99
"Atlas" is the 5th album by the composer Laurel Halo. This fantastic record was inspired by Laurel's time on the road as a musician. Time lost in airports, trains, back stage rooms & wondering unknown streets alone at night. Slow moving drones, loops & orchestral ambient bliss. Easily one of our favorites of the year at the shop. RECOMMENDED.
Available at: Milwaukee Ave
New LP $29.99
Sorry I Haven't Called (baby Blue Vinyl)
Laetitia Tamko is back at it with her 3rd VAGABON LP and 2nd on Nonesuch. She continues down the path she mapped out with her great 2017 S/T album, sprinting through R&B and house and trip-hop and synth-pop with flair & poise, all imbued with a true indie spirit. 'Sorry I Haven't Called' was written & produced with ROSTAM, whose inimitable style suits the joyous & powerful vibes that Vagabon manages to conjure here (and sometimes makes this feel like a great lost VAMPIRE WEEKEND record). Very good stuff- RECOMMENDED!
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New LP $24.99
Window (2lp, 180g, Splatter Vinyl)
Top Shelf Records
We got an instant classic for you right here from Chicago's own RATBOYS. Made in collaboration with producer CHRIS WALLA (ex- DEATH CAB), 'The Window' has the same everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-just- kidding-throw-that-in-too mentality of WILCO's 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot' - polished indie rock, shaggy Americana, and fuzzy power pop with lots of space for experimentation & more than a few badass guitar solos. It's our city's answer to the "post-country" (horseshoegaze?) boom period we're fortunate enough to be in the middle of with great records just in the past year from WEDNESDAY, MJ LENDERMAN, and FLORRY. We're really proud of this one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Available at: Belmont and Loop
New LP $28.99
Persistent Repetition Of Phrases (2023 Reissue)
History Always Favor
THE CARETAKER aka JAMES KIRBY is an exquisite, ghostly journey, transporting the listener to another time, another place, another dream via old vinyl ala PHILLIP JECK. This album is truly remarkable and evokes an old-world nostalgia like few other modern releases. ASTONISHING.
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New LP $34.99
Tracey Denim
This Matador debut from London's BAR ITALIA evokes the 90s underground in its shoegaze-y moodiness, snarling guitar fuzz choruses and cut-and-paste sample work, all drenched in atmospheric reverb. Like hearing THE STONE ROSES in the murky shadows of SLOWDIVE or BLONDE REDHEAD Superb stuff that comes RECOMMENDED.
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New LP $19.99
Careful (loser Edition First Pressing) (color Vinyl)
Sub Pop
Chicago's own DEEPER drop their third full-length and first on the mighty Sub Pop. This time out they brighten their post-punk/darkwave stylings with swaths of new wave color & art-pop drama a la prime PSYCHEDELIC FURS, TELEVISION, and THE CARS. If they continue down this path they might just have a 'Disintegration' or 'Violator' -level crossover down the line. You can take that to the bank. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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New LP $23.99
Sick! (light Blue Vinyl) (indie Exclusive Edition)
EARL continues his march towards Legend status with this early '22 masterpiece. The production (much of it handled by Earl himself with key contributions from BLACK NOI$E, THE ALCHEMIST & others) is still dense & unpredictable as all hell, and yet Earl's barbs are more cutting than ever, slicing like a hammer through all the crackle & pop. This might be the coldest he's ever sounded on record, with a laser-focused clarity maybe brought on by age, loss, getting through the pandemic by the skin of his teeth, or all of the above. We've been there. We get it... and we say this is HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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New LP $28.99