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But Here We Are (white Vinyl)
One word that has long defined FOO FIGHTERS as a band is "resiliency." Dave Grohl's best songs are about sticking around, finding resolve, and learning to walk again when the will to fly just isn't there. It's an M.O. that's left them perfectly equipped to face the tragic passing of their beloved drummer Taylor Hawkins head on. Sonically this record has a lot in common with 1999's 'There is Nothing Left to Lose' (their 1st LP with Taylor on drums)- surging power pop, shoegaze, extended instrumental passages, and raw punk, with nods throughout to JAWBREAKER, SUGAR, HUM, and old FM radio faves of Taylor's like QUEEN and RUSH. Essentially it's a concept album about loss: Each song works through grief in ways that are raw, unflinching, and devoid of cliche. It's a special gift for us fans, the band's legacy, and Taylor's memory. RIP Hawk.
Available at: Milwaukee Ave and Loop
New LP $24.99
Everyone's Crushed
In spite of the HEAVEN 17 invocation on the cover, the electro-pop on "Everyone's Crushed" is anything but docile. Jagged guitar and electronic drum lines crash and clang, fitting together like shards of glass being reconstructed, all tied together by Rachel Brown's dry disassociated vocal delivery. Fans of DRY CLEANING and PALM will find lots to love here. On Matador and VERY RECOMMENDED!
Available at: All Stores
New LP $21.99
Ecuatoriana (w/ Book) El Universo Paralelo De Polibio Mayorga
Analog Africa
The latest entry in Analog Africa's exploration into Latin American esoterica lands in Ecuador and on the figure of POLIBIO MAYORGA. Gravitating towards Quito's radio station as a musician and utilizing space-age synth technology that had grown in popularity over the years prior, MAYORGA channeled Andean melodies and realist stories into a fusion that can be described as "tropical psychedelia". This album collects his work as a performer, musician and songwriter, showcasing a central part of Ecuadorian popular music. RECOMMENDED!
Available at: All Stores
New LP $34.99
Yo! Boombox (3lp + 7", Indie Exclusive) Early Independent Hip-hop... 1979-83
Soul Jazz
Following a book my the same name, Soul Jazz releases a comp focusing on the advent of hip-hop and electro, tracing its origins through disco's denouement and DJ culture as it emerged in the Bronx in the late 70s. Featuring classic cuts from GRANDMASTER FLASH and THE FUNKY FOUR PLUS ONE as well as a smattering of obscure singles from across the country. Essential stuff for any historian of American popular music. RECOMMENDED!
Available at: All Stores
New LP $49.99
Formal Growth In The Desert (blue Vinyl) (indie Exclusive Edition)
Over five records and a decade-plus, Detroit's own PROTOMARTYR has been a model for consistency. Album six is no exception, expanding their sonic palette to include icy gothic synth textures and guitar sheet noise to abstract (but not obscure) the band's classic rhythmic jitters and earworm lead-lines. All these are tied together by Joe Casey's apocalyptic sermon vocals which continue to deliver without landing on cliche sloganeering. One of the best bands working today. On Domino and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Available at: All Stores
New LP $22.99
Lucky For You (loser Edition) (color Vinyl)
Sub Pop
After a quick stint in THE MOUNTAIN GOATS (producing & playing on the excellent 'Bleed Out'), Alicia Bognanno comes roaring back with her 4th LP under the BULLY moniker. This time around the production is more polished and the genre more varied than strictly "grunge pop," but the massive hooks, buzzsaw guitar, and Alicia's raspy howl (one of the best voices in indie rock) are still raw as all hell. It hurts so good & it does Sub Pop proud. Highly RECOMMENDED!
Available at: Belmont and Loop
New LP $23.99
Guitar Romantic (expanded & Remastered) (clear W/ Pink & Yellow Wisps Vinyl)
Third Man
The legendary 2003 album by Portland's THE EXPLODING HEARTS has been expanded & remastered by Third Man for its 20 year anniversary. There are so many great songs on this with nods at 70s power pop, 80s punk ala BUZZCOCKS, UNDERTONES & THE CLASH while simultaneously sounding like nothing else in 2003. RECOMMENDED.
Available at: All Stores
New LP $25.99
Romantic Piano (ltd. Seaglass Vinyl)
After releasing her debut album Chicago's Gia Margaret lost her voice due to illness. While she recovered she turned to making instrumental music & released the stunning ambient album "Mia Gargaret." Now she's back with her 2nd (mostly) instrumental album & her first for Jagjaguwar. This is a lovely mix of minimalist chamber style piano pieces overlayed with field recordings & wonderful synth parts. There's also brief but fantastic guitar piece. The one vocal song "City Song" reminds us of BON IVER or MICROPHONES & it's quite cinematic & beautiful. We're all in. RECOMMENDED.
Available at: All Stores
New LP $22.99
Orbweaving (color Vinyl)
Reckless fave Madeline Johnston (MIDWIFE) & Angel Diaz (Vyva Melinkolya) have teamed up for this fantastic 2023 album. If you're familiar with MIDWIFE then you'll have a good idea what this sounds like, minimal slowcore/shoegaze with bits of half-speed drone & sludge. Think JESU, NADJA, JESUS & MARY CHAIN 45s on 33 etc...RECOMMENDED.
Available at: Belmont and Milwaukee Ave
New LP $22.99
Still Life In Decay ("crimson Crush" Color Vinyl)
Trouble in Mind
The always reliable FACS are back with a new one in 2023. After a few albums with a lot of studio trickery & manipulation, this one is mostly pretty straight forward recording-wise. The result is probably the most accurate documentation of what a force they are as a live band. Driving & repetitive THIS HEAT esque rhythms with sparse & brittle guitar from Brian. His voice is also way on top here which also gives this record a different feel. Another great one from these local heroes. RECOMMENDED.
Available at: Belmont and Milwaukee Ave
New LP $17.99